Kakigori Boru

Kakigori Boru (Ice Bowl)

The mouth-watery ice bowl with a good combination of sweet sauces, crunch and fresh fruits. You can choose the toppings according to your favourite flavours. The fresh original chopped fruits such as honeydew, strawberry, mango lychee and others. A few more toppings for sauces such as chocolate, caramel, strawberry puree and crunch such as milo crunch, oreo crumbs, cookie crunch and many more! Mixed and match your own favourite toppings to form a great dessert of the day!


  • - Honeydew
    - Rock Melon
    - Strawberry
    - Blueberry
    - Mango
    - Dragon Fruit
    - Lychee
    - Banana


  • - Oreo Crumbs
    - Toasted Almond Flakes
    - Toasted Almond Dice
    - Butter Cracker Crumbs
    - Granola Oats
    - Cookie Crunch
    - Coco Pops
    - Froop Loops
    - Milo Crunch
    - Chocolate Chips
    - Corn Flakes


  • - Chocolate Sauce
    - Caramel Sauce
    - Strawberry Puree
    - Mango Puree
    - Whipped Cream Sauce
    - Charcoal Cream Sauce

Ice Cream Flavous

  • - Vanilla
    - Dark Chocolate
    - Mint Chocolate
    - Coconut
    - Matcha
    - Thai Tea